Girls Perspective: What Guys Don't Always Do That They Should

(In my very humble opinion - and after scores of irritating guys who can't take a hint, mixed with in depth conversations with my girlfriends on this topic - I have come to the conclusion that there are a few common things that guys do when chasing a girl that sends them running for the hills.

Now previously I have talked about the need for relaxed intimacy - and that helps. But prior to discovering if that exists, gentleman avoiding the following five traits will greatly increase your chances of getting her to go out with you. Again if the case may be.) 

1. Be confident. Modesty is cute and gets boring fast. I have come to realize that sheer cockiness (in sparing amounts) does wonders with a girl. We start wondering that if you are so sure of yourself - there must be something there.

2. For the love of god if you are texting her/messaging her on Facebook/Whatsapping her - have something interesting to say. No matter how cute and charming he is in real life, I want to hit someone every time they come online and say,"Hey", I respond with "Hey" and then I get a, 'What up/How are you/What you up to?' leaving me to carry on the conversation. Which I don't. It makes us feel like you are just doing it out of sheer boredom (even if that is the case - make an effort to pretend otherwise). AND it plays to the important point that it makes us feel like we have nothing in common to talk about.

3. Don't rag down other guys. Doesn't endear you or make you seem cooler. It makes you seem kinda sad and pathetic and down on your own confidence. And if you are surprised this made it on the list - good on you. You will not believe the number of guys who dismiss any guy brought up by the girl in conversation, e.g 'oh he's such a wanker' or 'well you're a pretty girl of course he's nice to you'. Gah.

4. Please don't over compliment. Yes there is such a thing. Guys who yammer at every given chance at how pretty/smart/ funny/cool you are get very weird very fast. DO compliment, just make sure it's genuine and warranted  Don't compliment for the sake of complimenting. And be creative. Don't yank out the tired old lines. Be surprising. We love the unexpected.

5. Make an effort to see her as an individual person. Not just one of many. Make an effort to figure out who she is, what makes her tick - it all goes a long way. Little things like noticing what drink she prefers makes a huge difference.

You never know when suddenly that moment comes when you feel the click and you realize that there maybe something here. Don't ruin it by treating said woman like a cardboard cutout!


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