Daily Moments: What it Should Be Like With Someone You Wanna Be With

NB: This is all in MHO.

It should never be hard to be with someone. Or even trying to be with someone shouldn't be hard. I'm not talking about the fights, the anger, the clashes. Those are normal.

I mean when the both of you are in conversation - it should be simple and fun. He should make you laugh and you should look forward to it. If you feel judged, if you are struggling to keep it going, if it just doesn't feel right - it's not.

You can't manufacture chemistry. You can't force that ease of just enjoying someone's company -  it's either there or it isn't. Of course in the case of random, meaningless sex - good physical compatibility is all that is needed. But in anything more - even friends with benefits - there needs to be some level of easy natural intimacy or you're just fooling yourself.

In a relationship, the day you stop enjoying each others company is the day things may not be working. The day you can't just kick back and enjoy something together - you have a real problem.

Don't compromise. Hold out for that person whom you can relax and just be who you really are around without even thinking about - and you still feel like you attract and excite them. And if you have someone like that in your life? Fight like hell to keep it. It's rare. 


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