Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

I’m not even sure where to begin. Your start was really non-indicative of everything you chucked at me this year. Completely.

Much of you will be looked back upon with a smile.You started slow with assignments and confusion and angst and then from February you took off at such a speed I wasn’t sure if it could last. But it did. Oh did it ever.

You blazed your way into March and April which taught me a few lesson, thankfully not with the heavy price of my heart.There was laughter, friendships and reminders of how blessed I am. So very very blessed.

April and May you gave me tears and torture and exams. And I was one step closer to achieving a goal I need to achieve. And then May came to a close, and summer began. And what a summer it was.

I have indeed given this summer its well-deserved attention in this post – but I cannot talk to you, 2012 without mentioning it. Summer is nights you'll never remember, bullfrogs, laughter and love.

Summer wound up and then sleepily slid into October and the start of my final months as a student for a while. The stress of final year was set off by some rather crazy nights. I would use the word interesting here! I perhaps began to slip a little - you are only young once right? I thought I could life life without regrets  but it turns out you will always have a few. Learn from them. Regretting is fine, not learning from it is the very opposite.

November was a bit of a struggle, making me re-evaluate things that I was once so sure of. You weren't planning in ending easy were you? You dragged your way into December - making sure that I learned to value the good times more than ever. I learned to value what you have when you have it, and that moments are what matter. The universe will work the bigger picture just need to focus on making the moments count.

Thank you 2012 for the people. People I will never forget, who came to stay - and moments that will keep me smiling no matter what. Thank you for helping me discover yet another layer of myself. Thank you for creating dreams, memories and laughter. Thank you for helping me to find the courage to face facts, to keep reminding me that your flaws are your trophies - be proud of them, they are who you are. Thank you for reminding me that what you believe of yourself is the most important thing.

You really were amazing. 


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