The End of Summer...

If this is indeed the last summer the world will have, then my dears I am quite pleased with it. I have a rich, satisfied feeling – the same one you get when you have a mouthful of creamy tiramisu and its melting at exactly the right speed. This summer has been rather like that - wonderful, decadent and lovely. Not perfect, there was a little too much sweetness in the cream which makes it rather difficult to adjust to the taste of the bittersweet, brandy soaked base – but it’s the imperfections that make anything what it is.

This summer is one I will look back on, in years to come (Assuming that the Mayan’s were just high on too much coco) and remember. It’s a summer of memories.

It has been a summer of me watching action movies and acting like I watched sappy ones – I have managed to cry at some point in all of them. It’s been a summer of some wonderful company - I’ve hung out with some seriously cool people - and no it was not just the alcohol being consumed that made them so enjoyable. It’s been a summer of some serious personal development – I’ve finally gotten on a track of what I want to spend the rest of my life doing – and yes, about time since I also hit the big two one this early on in the summer.

This has been a summer of laughter and a lot of fun, and also if I may, and some perfect moments – honestly perfect. The kind of moments that every time you think of them they put a smile on your face and the world just doesn’t seem so crappy.

So now, I bid a sad goodbye to random shopping trips which end with coffee the next morning and sleeping til 2pm. To lazy, wonderful Sundays and no readings to catch up on. To Wednesday nights at O bar, which has been the kick off point and the end point of some great nights. I say goodbye to nights curled up in bed with Hugh Grant, Jasmine Tea and the rain. And I say goodbye to the last carefree summer I’ll ever have. Next year, if things go as planned – the letters LLB will be attached to my name and it’s the real world for me.

So til then, I will make these last few days of freedom count. Drink passionfruit mojito’s and dance like it really is the end of the world. And of course…stay curled up in bed.

After all as they say - “summer is like the ultimate one night stand, totally thrilling, hot as hell and gone before you know it”

Summer ’12 this one is for you.


U do this on a daily basis??? Wow! Do me an article for the LSASL Law Review too, will ya? :-p

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