5 Lessons I Hope I Can Teach My Someday Child

1. You are a diamond in the rough - don't you let anyone (even me) tell you otherwise. In the same breath don't you ever forget the 'in the rough' part. Dream big - but that will only get you halway there. You need to work hard, push your boundries and feel the pressure before you come out shining and bright and of value. If you don't go through this then you are just a lump of carbon.

2. Mistakes are hard, and turning them into lessons are even harder. Every insiprational article, picture and speaker will tell you that you need to make mistakes, mistakes are important, mistakes will shape you. This is all very true - and I hope I will have the wisdom and stregnth to allow you to make the mistakes when your time comes. But remember - they also come wrapped in pain, heartache, unhappiness and hurt. It requires stregnth and perseverence to look past that and see the lesson each one teaches - and if you can't they simply remain mistakes. They are not supposed to be easy, they never will be.

3. When someone gives you a part of themselves - be in their heart, mind, body or soul - respect that and take care of it. Never take it for granted, no matter what anyone tells you, you have a duty to yourself and your soul to cherish and respect the faith someone has placed in you as they give you a part of themselves. It does not belong to you to do as you please, so handle it with care.

4. An open mind will take you on adventures that you would have never though possible. Live your life to its fullest and ensure that you take with open arms and an open heart and mind what it has to offer you. Don't judge, experience for yourself. Don't walk when you can fly, don't smile when you can laugh. Give everything a chance and let experience rather than second hand-knowledge guide you.

5. Have a refuge from the world, hell - have a few places of refuge. They could be coming back home, drinks with a friend, a lovers embrace, a favourite corner in a bookstore; but carve out places in your life that you can shut away the world for a little while and re-charge. These refuges or 'safe spaces' as I like to call them will save your sanity and give your a chance to rewind. Everyone needs that from time to time.

(Inspired by Sarah Kay's performace poem 'If I Should Have a Daughter')