The Lessons of 2014 and the Dreams for 2015

Keeping in with what I have been doing for a couple of years now, once again (after quite a hiatus) I return to the small space of the internet that harbors parts of my soul, to reflect upon the year gone by and what is to come. I also decided that I will put down some lessons and dreams I have for the year ahead. Even if your route changes when you start your journey - you need to have a plan and idea of where you are going.

So. 2014. A year for my personal history books. A year of incredible experiences, moments, people and dreams coming true. A year that crossed continents, broke barriers and shattered illusions. In 2014 various cities took a piece of my soul for safe-keeping, I discovered that my soul-mates stretch far and wide across the oceans, and dreaming big really does work. 

So - here is what I learned.

1. How to stop, take a moment and re-route: When life gets fast-paced, suddenly there comes a time when everything is a blur because you have the map safely held in your hands. Then suddenly you realize you have been running in circles and need to stop. These moments are terrifying, and if you are anything like me, you know that the times when suddenly you need a new plan are the ones that are the most frightening. As quickly as this year passed by, one of the most important things it taught me is that only dead fish go with the flow. Even if everything seems to go on when you stop, to stop and re-evaluate the choices you are making and the path you are on is imperative. And have the courage to re-route, just because you are moving doesn't mean its in the right direction. 

2. How to embrace moments of serendipity: I am an OCD planner and control freak. I like to know where I am going, how I am getting there, what I will be doing once I get there. To throw everything up to the skies and see what comes my way is a concept that terrifies me (No colour coded schedule? What is this monstrosity of which you speak?!). But because we live and we learn, I have to admit some of the greatest conversations I had, the best people I met, and the greatest opportunities and moments that came my way, were through sheer moments of serendipity. Moments where by luck, fate, chance or whatever it was I sat in a certain seat, I walked into a certain place, or I took a moment to breathe. Now this doesn't mean I have tossed out my organizer, deleted the various apps I have for organization and  (gasp) stopped buying post-its. But it does mean that I have slowed down slightly to allow these moments to find their way in, for often the best things in life aren't planned.  

3. How to prioritize: This was a busy year, and like all busy years and times it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Suddenly it feels like everything needs to be done right now, everyone wants something from you, and you just want to scream. This was a lesson learnt the hard way after making a number of mistakes and letting people down. It is vital to take stock of all you have to do, make the tough choices and prioritize what is really important. Doing a few things well is far better than doing many things with an average result. 

4. How to define the fine line between being selfish and just taking time for you: Now this one was a toughie and I am still not sure I have it down. This line is a fine and delicate one and leaning off the edge causes unprecedented problems. We all need time off and breathing space to feel human again - and your number one priority should be you. If all is not well with you, you cannot do anything for others. However taking time for you must not be mixed up with being selfish and letting down people to whom you have promised things and who are depending on you for execution. Find the fine line and be prepared to forever balance on it like a tightrope.

5. How to accept that sometimes, not everyone is supposed to be a part of your whole journey: While some people cemented their place even more firmly in my life and new places were carved out, there were also many who ceased to be a part of my journey this year. This is a very difficult thing to accept and I struggled with finding a  place to keep them. But the harsh reality is that some people come and while they are there it is wonderful, and then your paths take different forks and they must go on. The important thing is to cherish those who are around you for the time being - for some of them will always be there.  

2015 is a blank book. Its a fresh start. But it is also another volume in the serial and lines must continue to be drawn so you can see the whole picture. So here are a mix of mundane and far-reaching goals that I am setting out to help guide me through the next 365 days :)

1. Patience and acceptance: Yeah these are two qualities (and virtues?) I have a great deal of trouble with. So in 2015 I am going to attempt and try very hard to be patient when things aren't going to plan and accept that there are many things beyond my control. Good luck to me.

2. Morning routines: In the myriad of lists that exist on the internet based on what successful people do that makes them successful - I noticed one similarity that often crops up is that most of them have some kind of morning routine - be it prayer, exercise, scheduling the day - I figured that starting the day in a focused manner would be good.

3. How to say 'no': No to things I can't handle, no to people who only want things from me, no to stretching myself to the breaking point, no to things that just aren't vital and necessary. I am terrible and saying no and this has led to some not-so-bright places.

4. Actively break my comfort zone: Every-time I have exited my comfort zone over the years, it has been rewarding but the actual exiting has been done only because I was given no other choice. As I mentioned before I am a creature of habit and plans and this will be tough for me, but I also know that it will be immensely rewarding and at worst teach me some valuable lessons.

5. Find balance: I am a person of extremes - either I spend three days with less than 4 hours of sleep or I spend three days in bed with less than 5 hours of being awake. Balance is good, balance is supposed to be healthy so I'm going to try working on that.

Happy New Year and compliments of the season everyone! May this new year be filled with blessings and love. 


Mohan Sekaram said…
So true, you never stop learning from others experiences, even if you are in a different generation.

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