3 Hard Truths Handled at Some Point

(This is inspired by a piece in EliteDaily.com titled '5 Hard Truths That We All Have To Handle At Some Point In Our Lives')

1. Somebody hurting you doesn't absolve the mistakes you have made

When somebody in your life treats you badly and hurts you - it is the easiest thing to latch on to that and blame them for the demise of the relationship between the two of you. But the hard truth is that you also have to go back and accept the mistakes you made. This is regardless of the proportion of hurt leveled by them against you - it may far outstrip and your mistakes doesn't give them a pass to do what they did. But you need to accept that their transgressions don't wipe away your own,

2.  Not everyone will see you differently as you grow and evolve

I know that I am a very different person  now that I was 10 years ago, and I am proud of the change. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin and not wait for someone else's stamp of approval. But it is difficult to accept that not everyone who knew me back then see's that. Mostly they still see me as that awkward, attention seeking kid who never really fit in but tried so hard to. And it is hard to accept that it's not within your control to change that.

3. Some people are just there for the good times

The hardest truth to accept and handle is that there are some people in your life that aren't meant to be the support system you need during the rough times. This doesn't make them bad people, or fair weather friends - it just means that they are the people you call for the good times but not so much otherwise. And that's okay.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
Oscar Wilde


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