Colombo Fashion Week 2014: BrightSparks!

This really is a hell of a week where Colombo is concerned - with Colomboscope having just been wrapped up (expect a post on its wrap up soon), the Colombo Art Biennale in full swing and now Colombo Fashion Week (CFW). The glam, the glitz, the gorgeousness - oh Colombo how exciting you are right now!

An interesting initiative that is part of this years CFW is called 'BrightSparks' that is sponsored and facilitated by Dialog. Fashion as media has drilled into us is one of the most difficult industries to break into - but this initiative is aimed at getting those talented, young, up-coming designers into the spotlight where they belong. Essentially Dialog is playing the role of a 'technology enabler' buy using this opportunity to get the designers to go into online retailing or by using a platform like ideamart which allows the designer to establish a market for their designs and simultaneously engage potential buyers by getting their feedback on designs, gauging popularity of their designs or interacting with their customers to provide exclusive offers to them.

Its an amazing chance for the young hopefuls to avoid to the struggle to find a market/investor and have a clear shot at selling their designs. Bottom line? Use online retail marketing to get the jump start!

Already three days into the program  - there are some amazing designs being showcased - you can check out the Vine channel to see what designs have already strolled the ramp. The designers have shot 6-second clips of their designs to showcase the essence of their collection. Personally I have my eye on Jayani from Raffles and Chamindi from University of Moratuwa. Jayani's designs look very sophisticated and international while Chamindi has a fun, colorful vibe going on that makes me want to go to the beach.There is also something in it for you! Have a look at #DialogBrightSpark on Twitter and Facebook and vote for your favourite designer - you could win tickets to the BrightSpark after party to be held on Saturday! Models and fancy party - life is just great like that sometimes! You can also vote for your favourite collection here

There seems to be a world of potential in these young designers - kudos to Dialog for making BrightSparks happen and give them a chance at making it for real.


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