Summer: The Time of Possibilities

There is something about summer and the magic it brings. As someone once said “summer is like the ultimate one night stand, totally thrilling, hot as hell and gone before you know it”. I think what is magical about summer – is that it is always seen as a respite from real life. What happens during summer happens during a time warp in life, when you are moving from one phase into the next. And this means that your summer doesn’t always have to agree with the season – southern hemisphere or otherwise. Your summers are those incredible periods in time, when everything changes – and you are caught in this whirl of possibilities- coz anything is possible in summer.

As usually my rambling gets away with me and I move dangerously into territory where people will frown and mumble to themselves “er that’s great, but what is the point you are trying to make again? To these people I say two things – 1. I’m sorry; I tend to ramble in these posts 2. The point is coming up soon I promise. 

As children we know nothing of caution, we take a chance whenever we see an opportunity. Life sadly doesn’t make this easy for us- with its twists and turns we often stumble and fall. And with what seems like un-wavering optimism at the time, we get up again and keep going. But when you keep falling – the frustration and the fear starts to set in. The bumps and bruises start the throb, and you begin to tire of this journey. One day you wake up, an you are an adult. And there is very little left of that bright-eyed child who believed. 

And that is when summer happens. And with it, it brings any number of possibilities and beliefs.  It brings the chance to throw caution to the wind, follow your heart, follow what you want – and forget about everything else. It brings someone hand slipping into yours, and for that moment you just close your eyes and enjoy the moment. It brings feelings you never though were possible, your heart skipping a beat and butterflies in your tummy. It brings nights on rooftops with friends, everyone laughing in sync. It brings back friendships you know will never go away – and it brings connections you never believed could have existed. 

This summer to me will always be about the revival of that wide-eyed, gawky, adolescent within – who always dreamed of endless possibilities. It helped me renew the belief that sometimes – its worth throwing caution to the wind and running in the moment. Whatever bruises you may get will never compare to the smiles and warmth those memories bring. This summer has taught me that some things defy logic, reason and practicality – and those are the best things you can experience. This summer reminded me that yes shooting starts hit the ground – but they burn bright and beautiful and are unforgettable before they do.

Summer can be whenever, wherever. The trick is to recognize it for what it is – and let it in. It has the potential to take us back to being wide eyed and naive. Back to believing that anything is possible – and life is beautiful. Never turn away a chance like that – it doesn’t come knowing often and when it does, you will always regret turning it away. Life is too short for ‘what-ifs’, life should be about ‘do you remembers’. 

Summer ’13. This one’s for you.  


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