The state of our homeland
Becomes a conversation piece
(Have you heard the latest on the Geneva Report?)
For people to deplore
And pity
And we frown.

Why can’t they also cherish and celebrate
We ask,
With the smell of the sea
And the taste of thambili
(not iced please)
With the sound of papare
(at an ear-splitting decibel)
And the feel of pride
When the bat and ball come out to play

Why can’t they talk of the warm sun
(preferably under 32 degrees)
The laughing children
Isso wade spicy and steaming
(dekkak denda)
We demand?
After all we live here
And we don’t deplore and scold

But somewhere in our lives
We forgot that
We began to learn to live with the sounds of despair
(Ayio another bomb blast)
Accept blood-soaked retribution
Fail to see the hopelessness
(That’s how things are no)
People have in their eyes

We cluck and caw
And sigh and deplore
(Don't know what things are coming to men)
For a minute or two
And then go back to our lives
(So have you heard the latest on the Perera wedding?)
And say there is nothing we can do

Somewhere far away
People talk of our land in parliaments
Like they know

And we frown
(These bloody Westerners!)
But still
We do nothing

We hear them deplore and pity
And the hopelessness grows
While we do 


Salvinator said…
lovely piece.... its coz people forget what they had lost and gained and are working on loosing it again... during war we spoke of peace and harmony among all races and now its back to peace n harmony just for a selected few races....

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