Ignorance: People I Come Across

I love Twitter (Follow me!). I have engaged in many a lively 140 character debate, met some interesting people, and shared/found some wonderful ideas. But occasionally - there come people who challenge me (not in a good way) and I am left inwardly groaning for the future of humanity.  And I grit my teeth and blog about it :D

Our fine tale begins with the widespread changing of Facebook/Twitter profile pictures to support LGBT marriage. I displayed it on my Twiiter account and this is when the protaganist of our tale makes his apperance.

@YakaMeeya (Him): hey wts the meanig of ur pro pic ... i have seen others also having that ??

Me:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/26/facebook-profile-pictures-red-gay-marriage_n_2957968.html

Him: (This is where the fun begins) Ooopzzz u support LGTB Marriages ??? eeeewww :poop:

Me: I believe in human rights and judging people based on their character not who they love.

Him: here is the point (think as a mother) if your own son or daughter is #gay/lesbian do u allow them to mary their own partner?? (this confused me - it would be highly hypocritical of me if I didn't wouldn't it?)

Me: (This was in several tweets as was his reply) Yes. Yes I would. I am more worried about the character of my child/their values. I will support their decision to marry whoever. I don't give a toss about who my children love provided that person loves them back, and they are happy. I don't care if my child is gay/bi/straight/even transsexual - they have the right to legally be married to the person they choose.

Him: (I face-palmed so much while reading this) .. Ewwww Then it will be the start of a corrupt society .... Thanks god cuz LGTB maraige r inleagle inleagle in Sri lanka ..simply a LGTB marridge z love and sex.So do u wanna c ur son or daughter fighting wth HIV/AIDS.(all ways thnk a abt ur family) .. All ways we cant depend on Human rites . We have a religion we have a culture .. Come on law girl give me answers Havnt u learnt abt Sexually transmitted diseases at skl.Poor law girl.The once who havent learn abt those r talking abt #LGBT

Me: (Okay so I may have lost my temper a little bit. But being called 'poor law girl' really annoyed me) 1. In the 1700's women couldn't vote in Sri lanka. It was illegal too.
2. You get HIV/AIDS from having unprotected sex with people who have HIV/AIDS. Poor you - you don't know basic science.
3. Religion also says that women are chattel (look the word up), dancing is sinful and its not okay to have sex for pleasure. Haven't we changed those to adopting times?
4. I did learn about STD's in school. Which is how I know that you don't get them from being gay and having gay sex - you contract it via unprotected sex and sometimes even during protected sex.
5. Poor you - didn't you learn spelling/grammar in school?
6. I have learned better over the years not to try and convince people as ignorant as you that hating people for their sexual orientation and denying them rights is wrong. I just feel sorry for you that you will judge people by this and not by the actual person they are.

Him: maybe you're a lesbian no use of talking with you sorry wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_k(yes he attached the link and this was the point where I gave up)

I leave the judging to you all.


Sora said…
LOL! What a loser. Maybe he's infected with a STD and he doesn't know it since he thinks STDs are transmitted only through homosexual intercourse!
saif said…
Ignorance at its best

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