55 Word Stories

(This is a wonderful imitative by @SriLankaDiaries for writers. Essentially what they do is give you a words for the day and you write a 55 word story for it. It could be a whole story, a fragment anything as long as its no more than 55 words. [http://srilankastories.blogspot.com/]

They've done a competition and sometimes they give genres. You don't necessarily have to use the actual word in the story, you can opt to use it as a theme even. Below are the the entries I have submitted; the word and theme in brackets, and if you follow the link for each one it takes you to the other submissions - anyone can do this. Its fabulous to keep the daily creative juices flowing and reading everyone else s work is a great learning system as well. Follow them to join!)

(Map [Genre] Science Fiction and Fantasy)His single eye squinted as it moved across the worn map carefully. It spoke to him of a civilization long gone, lost to the moving sands of time and the brutality of humans. It sang a song of blood and pain. He glanced at the sinking sun and smiled. Some things at least hadn’t changed.

(Pure) She lowered the kohl-rims of her eyes and gazed at the intricate henna patterns decorating her hands. The priest’s chanting faded into the background and the smell of jasmines pervaded the air. She could feel the approval emanating from the room. “He had done well”, they thought. She was beautiful, wealthy and above all – pure.

(Pride) It was her parting words that stung the most.
“It’s your pride that will be your downfall. Just you wait. Some day you will wish that you had done things differently, but your pride held you back!”
He was only 18 when she said that, but at 30 – things were no different.

(Charm) “You’re beautiful”
“I know”
“Really? How?”
“It’s called a mirror. And when enough people tell you – you figure it out”
“Well people should tell you all the time”
“They do”
“You’re very sure of yourself”
She blew out the smoke and smiled a red-lipsticked smile before answering, “It’s part of my charm”

(Fire) The flames were reflected back in her eyes. Dancing, twirling – flickering tantalizingly. “Come to me…” They seemed to say as they seductively swayed just out of reach. “Come feel my warmth”. She reached out – her mind so numb that she hardly felt the pain as the tips of fingertips began to blister.


deeps said…
i liked 'pure' most :)

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