Why I Blog

As I have mentioned before - I am a compulsive writer. It's not something I make an effort at doing - it's something I just find myself doing all the time. I've always written. Constantly. It's a nervous habit at times. Things just make more sense when I write.

I blog because I get such great joy from writing, I like to think I'm good at it, and I love the idea that someone would read what is so very much a part of me and derive some joy from it.

The best feeling in the world is when someone reads something I have written and tells me that I had described perfectly what they were feeling, or they totally connected with it. This to me is amazing, especially when so much of my writing is very personal, so someone else connecting with it blows me away.

To my readers...you have to exist because my page views increase, people vote on Paperblog and sometimes they comment via Facebook, Twitter or the blog. Thank you for reading. Thank you for the times you appreciate. I would write even if there was an audience of one - and probably even without that. But the second greatest feeling is not just doing something you love, but also having others appreciate and enjoy it. 


K_doodles said…
WOW!!! These words are so meaningful and it flows so well that I didn't even realize that I have reached the end of the page...
Keep it up my favorite blogger.
You're an amazing writer :)
Shara said…
Thank you so much :) Like I said - nothing greater than people loving what you love to do! <3
@TakashiG said…
Obviously you are good at this Shara :) No doubt about it :) The best part is where you tend to blog about things that everyone could relate to! Keep doing what you're doing :)xx
Shara said…
Thank you so much Udeshi :) I'm so glad you enjoy and relate to it!

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