Sign up and Switch off: Earth Hour 2013

Did you know that if we keep consuming and multiplying at this rate - we will need 3 planets to live on by 2030?

Its a scary thought to me. And while once upon a time the idea of the world coming to a grisly end was just the stuff of science fiction - the reality is that it is closer than ever. No more is it our future generations that are set to suffer - chances are - we'll be the ones who are suffering.

What saddens me more than anything is that the steps we can take to help this problem solve itself is simple. So simple.Things that require almost no effort. Not leaving water running. Printing on both sides of the paper. Switching off unnecessary lights.

We won't do any of these things. Instead we will say its too much effort, and wake up at 5am to get the latest iPad, work through sleepless nights to be able to afford a new car, and spend hours with aching muscles just to be the lead scorer of a computer game. Yeah, I see how its too much effort.

The time is now. There won't be a tomorrow unless we act today. And what we can do requires so little - and will do so much.

Just for one day - for one hour - do your part to make sure we have a future. Yes we, not your children. We are the ones in danger now.

Make a pledge for Earth Hour 2013 - 23rd March at 8.30pm. 60 minutes and you could change the future. 60 minutes and you can do your part.


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