I am a Woman

(This I wrote a long time ago during my time at the University of Sydney. And when I found it today and re-read it, it reminded me of two amazing women who taught me what a feminist truly was. I had never applied the label to myself before that (Although I believed in equal rights). In the time I knew them they taught me so much, and I will always be grateful.

Elly and Dee  - This is dedicated to you.) 
I am a woman. And you say I ask to be hurt?
I will hold my head up high
And wear my skirts short
And my shirts low
And you will not dare to tell me otherwise.

I am a woman. And you say my place is below?
I will climb high and keep climbing
And dream bigger
And teach my children to dream
And you will not dare to crush my dreams

I am a woman. And you say I have no rights?
I will fight for my rights and never stop
And demand them loud and proud
And know I am asking for nothing less than what I deserve
And you will dare not deny my rights to me

I am a woman. And you say I am not like you?
I am not. I have compassion and love.
And I know I am just as strong
And I know that we are different but that is life
And you will cherish me for the differences and not shun me.

I am a woman. And you say you will dictate my life?
I will not allow that to happen.
And I will dictate my life.
And my daughter will dictate hers
And you will be proud because she will stand right by your son – both equal. 


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