Burn slow

With the help
of a single match
Be set alight

Fly up
To be among the stars
Perhaps even brighter
In an explosion of colour

Burn bright
Burn large and warm
Hear gasps of wonder
Far down below

The light fades
Begin the fall
Hit the earth
Spark by spark

Short lived
Make it count 


Navin said…
Now it's just right. :)
Shara said…
The advice was appreciated thank you :)
K_doodles said…
Highly inspiring message in such a cute way. Keep it up S :)
Anonymous said…
I don't really like poems, but this one is amazing, it's just so true and so simple to understand.

iLike. :)
Shara said…
Thank you ladies :) I tried out something different here - glad that you enjoyed :)

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