Daily Moments: The End of a Chapter

In 5 months a chapter ends. I finish my undergrad degree and (fingers crossed I don't royally mess up of course) - I will finally after 3 years - be the holder of an LLB. Damn.

It is the end of a chapter for me and reality has come a knocking. And a little part of me will miss certain things. I will miss spending hours colour coding my notes - with pen's, postits and highlighters to match. I will miss all nighters with redbull, coffee and watching the sunrise. I will miss walking around in a haze for the next couple of day's because my sleeping schedule has been thrown completely out of wack.

In between the end and now - I have a research paper of 5,000 words, a thesis of 12,000 words and two 3-hour exams for which I need to study 9 months worth of notes, cases and statutes. I have 4 month's of lectures to get through, endless tutorials to prepare for. I have more tears of frustration to cry, MUCH more stationary to acquire and more people to glare at.

So I take a deep breath, grit my teeth and start. Because the next chapter is waiting - and the rest of my life needs to be lived! 


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