Why Obama? The Top Five Reasons.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. - President Barack Obama 

The world waited with bated breath - most of the international community seemingly taking to social media to pray and hope the 'Yes We Can' mindset would survive for another four years.

Yes he did - Obama scraped through what was nail biting  rather negative and issue laden election - to be re elected for a second term. And to the idiots who wonder why we care so much about what happens in America - please take a basic course in globalization/foreign policy and basic knowledge  Like it or not - the USA is one of the most powerful and influential nations around, the decisions they make affect the rest of the world. And also - UN. They run the UN. Duh.

So in spirit of the red, white and blue - mostly blue. I give you the top 5 reasons I support Obama.

1.. He is a Democrat While America's left is the rest of the world's center right - I will still support their ideals over the right wing ideology that is Republican. I am after all a pro-LGBT, coloured woman.

2. He is a testament to the fact that your background doesn't matter. We spend so much time assessing people based on where they come from - rather than who they are. Obama showed us that a black kid who was a pothead in college, raised by a single mom and no relationship with his dad can over come and become one of the greatest leaders of our times.

3. Michelle. She is an obviously strong, independent woman - who has her own will power and calls a lot of shots - and he never fails to celebrate her for this. Its easy to say you love powerful women - its another thing entirely to marry, love and publicly cherish her. He turns a deaf ear to those calling him 'whipped' and instead chooses to celebrate her virtues. You gotta love a man who can do that.

4. He took a stand on marriage equality. This is an issue that so many people tiptoe around - and it says alot to me that he was willing to openly take a stand on this. I respect him for having the guts for this - and clearly so does America.

5. He isn't Mitt Romney. Romney is exactly the kind of rich, entitled people that this world can do without. He refuses to accept that things aren't black and white - and the dynamics of the world have and are changing. The 'family' model of a mom, dad, and kids is no longer relevant - especially with kids accessing knowledge and ideas more freely and more widely. Women no longer need to stay at home and play 'wife and mother' roles - the necessity for that has changed. Wake up Romney - the world is moving forward and you're being left behind.

I am looking forward to more debate around the areas of abortion, access to welfare, ObamaCare and how the tax cuts that Obama promised will pan out. He seems to have a solid fiscal plan for the economy and hopefully be able to finally pull America out of the economic rut it is in. After all - the rest of the world is affected by it.


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