Long Law School Days

I haven't done a random personal update in a while...so for my mysterious readers here we go. I type this in my Intellectual Property Law lecture. The discussion class where basically we rehash what was covered in the last lecture. Boring.

I've started pinning on Pintrest which is fun. Its  a good place for me to group these random things I like for easy access. Tumblr wasn't doing a great job of that. Check out my shares/boards/whatever you call them here.

I've found some cool stuff like this which is an entire novel written by an unknown Chinese author on walls of an abandoned cottage. Very cool.

In other news - since January I have been attending discussion classes on the famous Hindu epic Baghavad Gita at the Chinmaya mission. I am not a religious person and normally run a mile from these things -  but the Mission is very cool and more spiritual in its nature.

So along with my sisters, a class/discussion group has begun with the Swami of the local branch conducting it for us. He is seriously so cool and the topics are very general and not really religious  Last week we discussed the concept of hurt and how to overcome it. Blog post on that to come soon

Other than that - assignments are killing me. Can't wait for them to be done. Planning a friends hen night and weddings upcoming. Lots to do! 


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