From Anothers Blog: Lil' Miss Lovegood

(Le LOVE this one. It's from a fellow writer friend Shabeeb Muzammil, of who's work I am a big fan. His prefacing words to this are as follows -
thought I'd try out something new again. It's more of song than a poem, but either way; let me know what you think
I have not been able to get this out of my head - been humming it with a country twang. Enjoy!)

 Lil' Miss Lovegood

Twenty blocks down from central park,
A twenty storey block thrown in the dark,
Up the stairs to B-seven-four-seven,
Pretty red curtains and a door to heaven,
Knock on her; she never goes to sleep,
Sweet summer scent and a blouse real deep.

Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
It’s cold outside,
So wont you bring me a cuppa’ tea,
Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
It’s too bright inside,
So blow the candles out and come to me.

A push against the wall and a whisper in your ear,
She’s the root of ecstasy,
Soft as she may be; she’s more than what you see,
She’s got the blacksmith as a referee.

Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
Could you come on over,
I could use a little company,
Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
I’d let you tie me up and show who you are to me,
Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
Come give my money’s worth,
You’ve got my last month’s salary,
Oh Lil’ Miss Lovegood,
Your queue’s lining up,
But come take your time with me.


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