Thank you Mother

Thank you for the elaborate childhood birthday parties, complete with the zebra sandwiches and choux pastry
Thank you for showing us it is possible to work and still not entirely neglect your children.
Thank you for the swimming classes, piano classes, dancing classes and all the rest of it, which we only now recognize the value of
Thank you for instilling in us a love of art, music and the beautiful things of life

Thank you for teaching us that life is more than good grades, achievements and medals. And that everyone finds their niche at their own time

Thank you for the screaming matches that seemed never ending at times, and were forgotten so rapidly
Thank you for never ever being wrong. Never. Even when we prove that you are wrong, you’re really not.
Thank you for 3 hour lunches with chips and juice and no vegetables
Thank you for your impeccable taste and for the gorgeous sari’s
Thank you for the cupcakes, caramel squares and cheesy pasta

Thank you for dreaming bigger and believing that I am better than I am, even when no one else did

Thank you for the endless collection of ‘unique’ pieces that you ‘can never get anywhere else’
Thank you for never forcing me to do Law, but not hiding your glee and ‘I-Told-You-So’ when I took a liking to it
Thank you for showing me that you don’t have to please everyone – and the truth will always prevail
Thank you for giving us the freedom to be young and silly and make our mistakes

Thank you for always being on my side – especially when no one else was.

Thank you for never crossing that fine line between being open and being a friend – but still making sure we can talk to you about anything.
Thank you for never calling a million times when we go somewhere
Thank you for making sure we understand what is really important in life – values, kindness and being a decent person.

Thank you for random lunches, sneaky trips to Coffee Bean, and making us appreciate Indian singing talent

Most of all thank you for always being there. Always doing it all for us. Always ensuring that we were loved no matter what.


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