Shoe Drool III

More on my girly, dizzying love for shoes. Part I and Part II now meet Part III!

This time, we look at the oh so important - black shoes! I own 2 pairs of black heels (let's face it, what girl doesn't?), black Keds (that I love, coz they have a pirate wearing a crown on them - SO COOL) among others. So I give you, three sexy-as black shoes!

Yeah, I looked at her legs too at first. And more than anything - I love the artistry of this picture, very cool. But the shoes also steal the show - so simple, so amazing. Basic black stilettos

I love these shoes for the detailing. Take away the bows and they really aren't very special, and also it is difficult to stay classy with more than one bow.

I depart a bit here - and give you the first non heels picture! But I love Keds, I own a few and these are really cute. I love things like this - casual, but pretty.


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