No - that post was NOT about you.

The other day I wrote a piece about this boy. And it was filed away under the list of things that I will not publicly publish anytime soon for many reasons. One is that it is very personal, it contains details that makes the person concerned rather guess-able, and also I wrote it for me.

Which got me's occasionally annoying when you write something personal (and much of my poetry is),  and you are faced with questions of "Was that about me?" or "Oh my God who was that about?!". And since I blog under my own name - I am not afforded the luxury of anonymity. 

Here is the the thing - all writing is personal. All fiction, poetry, random pieces - all of it. Because when you write, you start by writing about what you know. But the beauty of it is, that this time around - you are in control. So you exaggerate, downplay, twist the facts, and do whatever you want. It starts out with something you know - and then becomes something you create. You get to shape it. You get to make it anything that you want. 

I don't always do that - sometimes I write raw and honest and frank. Sometimes I don't. (Like Unborn - the amount of people who asked me if I was pregnant after that. Sigh)

Sometimes I write what I wish I could feel and then one day find that it comes true. I call this my anticipated writing. And sometimes its just fiction. 

My writing is always going to be personal for one simple reason - I write it myself. So be it fiction or not, everything I write is a part of me - it is what I create.


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