Goodbye Namesake of My Little Pink Notebook

So the time has come. After 2 years of scribbling almost everything in my obsessive compulsive way - the last page of the original Little Pink Notebook as been written in.

When I revamped the blog a few months ago, with a new layout and name - it was this notebook that I carry everywhere with me, and scribble in constantly, that provided inspiration for a new name. And I am very sorry to see that it is now no more.

But we have had happy times. Memorable times. My first client notes are in there. My spiritual learnings. I have secret feelings in written form. Random notes from my little sister. Hearts drawn by my best friend. Goodbye notes from when I moved to Sydney. My awful attempts at drawing.

When I went shopping for a new notebook I couldn't find one in pink that wasn't hideous and didn't make me shudder. So I settled for another one. (you can kind of see it in the picture lying at the feet of its senior) But the blog name will remain the same - in memory of the Little Pink Notebook that holds so much of me. Kind of like this blog actually.

On a totally unrelated note, please take note of the awesome bunch of PostIt's that I purchased this week that can be seen glowing in all their colorful glory in the picture. YAY! I may or may not have a TINY stationary obsession.

Back to work now.


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