From Another's Blog: My "Him"

(Continuing to share the joy of writing I love - this one was written by my high school psychology teacher - Nadira Mendis (or Amarasinghe, I'm not sure if she now uses her married name) . The link to the original post is here, funnily enough that is the only thing she has ever blogged. And sadly. As I have mentioned before, I love writing that surprises me - that is unexpected. This piece does exactly that)

My "HIM"

He rests his forehead against mine...
I feel his breath against my face...
His arms around me, he holds me tight...
I want to hold him like this forever...
I want him here in my arms for Eternity..
I know it isn't right; he isn't mine alone...
But why? Why must i share him with ANYONE?
I know the inevitable will happen,
and i will lose him to someone else...
I hope she deserves him, for God knows he deserves the BEST!
But till then i will enjoy him..
I will hug him close and kiss him..
I will experience the thrill of hearing him say,
"I love you, Amma!",
before he jumps off my lap and runs off to play!


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