Early Days: Thesis Report

So I picked a topic and I started on the initial research to narrow down my area where I will write 12,000 words. Slight panic - my lecturer said to consider sections of it for publication to make my Masters application more competitive. (More on all that later)

So for now working topic is - "The influences of media on Criminal Law developments in the jurisdictions of Sri Lanka, UK and USA".

I'm pretty excited...I get to look at some very fascinating cases like the OJ Simpson trial, the current trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, the R v Aluwhalia case (what the movie 'Provoked' starring Ashwariya Rai was based on), and the famous Royal Park murder case here.

In relation to the last one, I might be able to get access to lawyers both from the procecution and defense to interview. Yayy. My only scare at the moment is to keep the focus legal and not social.

Also I love my supervisor, She is awesome.


Abagail Abbi said…
I am very thankful to you for posting such stuff.This really help me lot.
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