Coffee Bean: The new meeting room?

I love Coffee Bean. Let me just say that upfront. I totally think this is our premier coffee house (Sorry Coco Verandha!)

What do I love about it? I love the upstairs - the couches are prefect for chilling with friends, even in fairly large groups. The large leather armchairs by the windows are excellent for those slightly awkward first dates and meetings with clients.

I think my favorite thing about Coffee Bean is its versatility. It is great for so many things and its price range helps. Its not too expensive, but not so cheap that when you are meeting a client or a date - it doesn't make the one paying look like a Scrooge.

As you may have guessed by now - I usually meet my clients here and it has been the site of many a first date. And it has risen magnificently to the occasion in both regards.

Having been there so many times, I have a standard order. I adore the caramel lattes, and the caramel iceblend - not a huge fan of the whipped cream. The chicken lasagna wins by a mile on the food menu. Their breakfast has never really struck a note with me - tastes too microwaved and not very comforting.

I've also never been able to connect to their wifi - very annoying! Which is sad - 'cause I just checked out their local website and its great! (I wonder if this is because of all the quality control they go through being a franchise...Oh well its still awesome. KFC sucks even with the franchise label)

Service is great though - they are friendly and helpful without being annoying and over-familiar. Like at Bread Talk. The whole "WELCOME TO BREADTALK!' yell freaks me out.

The only other complaint I have is that their car park is ALWAYS full and it always seems really crowded - but I suppose this is a sign of their popularity more than anything. Location is awesome - and their new addition - the frozen yogurt is very YUM. And not horrible in terms of price.

Great coffee, great location, not too pricey, and comfy. Awesome place for a date or a casual meeting. 4 stars out of 5 (they lose one for the wifi and whipped cream. And breakfast, Don't ever give me dry scrambled eggs with a slice of Happy Cow cheese -,-)


Jack Point said…
Try Coco Varandah on Ward Place. Nicer atmosphere and better quality drinks/food for similar prices.
Shara said…
I have been there...but somehow Coffee Bean resonates with me better.
Anonymous said…
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Oceana Coffee said…
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