Being Featured on Paper Blog!

This is a very exciting day for My Little Pink Notebook. We have been invited to be a part of Paper Blog. And to explain I quote the email they sent me.

We are a new media sharing platform for blog writers and we would like you to be a part of it. We think a lot of the content on your blog would particularly interest readers in the Diaries Magazine.

With so much information online, it can be difficult for Internet users to find the best blog content and most relevant articles. Our aim is to identify and promote the best blogs- such as yours- and to publish the articles on our digital platform in ‘Magazines’, in turn sharing them with a wider audience.

Eeeeekkk :D We're going INTERNATIONAL. I have added the Paper Blog button to the site. You can follow them on Twitter @paperblog and like them on Facebook.

This is very very exciting and also now I am even more freaked out than before. People read the nonsense I put up here. Must pretend to be cooler from now on. Must try. Must not talk about my inability to filter thoughts.

Whoot! Celebration time ya'll!



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