25 things at 17

I did this list of "25 things most people don't know about me" at around 16. In the spirit of looking back before you move forward, at the ripe old age of 21 - let's revisit.

1. I HATE orchids. I know they are exotic and expensive and all that shit but for some reason they seriously freak me out! - Er. Not really true anymore...I've learned to appreciate their beauty.

2. I love 'Hannah Montana'...yes the lame Disney show! - Definitely not true anymore. Now the show (is it still running?) makes me want to gouge my own eyes out.

3. I find jealousy in a guy rather sweet - Gosh I was naive. Now my ratio of guy to girlfriends is easily 1:5 and I am very attached to some of my 'boys' as I call them. Jealousy in a relationship would make things very difficult.

4. I have this dream of saving a life someday - And I still do....

5. I never ever wore braces. Nor will I ever need to. My dead-straight pearly whites are 100% natural! - Why I included this in the list I have no idea. Dear 16 year old me - I don't think anyone cares.

6. My biggest fear is losing my friends - Of the five people I was afraid to lose then - One went on a path where I'm still not sure what happened. With one, he and I fell completely out of sync about a year later. One is in Australia for Uni and we lost touch, haven't seen him in almost 2 years. One I still see on and off and she and I are fairly okay. And one is still my best friend, one of the most important people in my life and I can't imagine losing him.

7. I never say I love you unless I really mean it - I broke this rule once and I don't think I have ever quite forgiven myself for this. Never since then. If I tell you I love you - it means something. And to a boy...I had only said it to one person at that point, and not counting the one time I lied about it - I would tell another in a year and a year later one more. And since the last one around 2 and a half years ago - haven't said it since. Considered saying it though... 

8. I fully believe in destiny and karma - Still do. Well not destiny...but I think somethings are just meant to happen a certain way. 

9. Cats creep me out....big time - Eurgh they still do. I'm also amused at this point at what i chose to put into this list...

10. In my book...it is possible to be too perfect - Of course. We're all scarred, damaged and flawed in our own ways. It's what makes us who we are. 

11. I text people just because all the time - And that is why Dad flipped about your phone bills. My texts have very specific purposes now...No more "Hi whats up?". More along the lines of "There is a lull in my day and I wanted you to know I was thinking of you" 

12. I'm a very insecure person. I constantly worry that I'm not pretty/smart/funny enough - Luckily for me now...I learned to love who I am and be proud of it. This is also thanks to some amazing people who taught me to do that. 

13. The minute i turn 18 i'm getting my nose pierced - And I did :D I took it out for a year and missed it so much that I got it redone. I love it so much, so glad I did that. 

14. I eat french-fries and ice-cream...together - Of course. What is a visit to McDonalds without the soft serve and fries? 

15. The nickname "cupcake" freaks me out - I have been called stranger things since. Much stranger. 

16. Another of my dreams is to direct and earth-moving life-changing documentary - I would still like to do more learning about film-making. That would be awesome. 

17. I'm a city girl. Suburbia bores me...cities thrill me - I'm not sure what I meant by that seeing as at that point I had never lived in any place other than Colombo. 

18. I believe in soul mates. there is one perfect person out there for everyone - Oh sweetie. No. There is also timing, and circumstances and the place you are in personally. Soulmates (I found mine in my friend Sarah) are not limited to relationships. 

19. I want to get married by the ocean...at sunset - No and no. What was I thinking? 

20. Marriage scares me....being married that it - You're 16, it's SUPPOSED to scare the crap out of you. Still kinda does. 

21. I can never forgive a cheater - I have learned that things are not black and white and sometimes if something is worth fighting for then you fight. Also people are flawed, we make mistakes. 

22. I always wish i was born in the '50's or '60's - I think I was in a phase. No. I like this era thankyouverymuch

23. I take time to love and more to recover - Still true about me. 

24. I'm deathly afraid of death by suffocation - Gah. Who isn't? 

25. This took less time than I thought it would. there's a lot that people don't know about me - Because you filled it with shallow things, and not many things where you were forced to admit certain things abut yourself. But that's okay...you are at the end stages of all that. 


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