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(Installment two of the new gadget writing. This time it's broken into two articles - the first one focusing on news and the second product launches. Also they limited me to under 600 words which was a huge struggle and I felt seriously compromised the writing. Oh well. We live an learn. You can find the first article here. Clients version here)

Welcome back to ‘It’s about Gadgets” – the monthly digest of what’s hot, new and cool in the gadget world. September has been an exciting month with the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, and not to be out done – many other companies have made news as well

Apple – the iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 launch was undeniably the most anticipated event of September – with Apple making its first product launch since the death of the founder Steve Jobs. This time CEO Tim Cook took the stage – and showed us the slimmer, lighter, and taller iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5 recorded 5 million units sold in three days, becoming the fastest selling iPhone yet, and this is just with the device being available in 9 countries. On September 28th – 22 more countries were added to the list and the number of countries is expected the reach 100 by the end of the year, so expect the numbers to just keep climbing!

The Competitors Lash Out
Still smarting from their loss to Apple in the patents court case – Samsung has made a bold move with their new advertisement. The ad has the lines “It doesn’t take a genius” and “The next big thing is already here”.
The reactions from Apple fans attacking the ad, calling it a “cheap” – and Samsung challenging Apple fans to point out “what isn’t true” in the ad.
Seems like Apple may have won the battle with Samsung in court, but the war is still very much raging.

SIV rumours
Rumours began circulating that Samsung is planning to announce the Galaxy S IV at the Mobile World Congress in February next year.
It seems however that fans are to be disappointed, as Samsung tweeted from their official Twitter account debunking the rumours.
Sorry fans – its seems though you are in for a bit of a wait to hear when you can get your hands on this highly anticipated device which reportedly will include a16 mp 1080p camera, topped off with a 4,5" display.

Liar, Liar.
Early in September, Nokia announced the new Lumia 920 – with a PureView camera that used optical image stabilization
The subsequent video that was released was supposed to show the effect of this feature, implying that the video was shot using the 920 – but unfortunately found a reflection of a camera crew using a professional camera.
Nokia issued an apology rapidly and have since released a subsequent video – with what they definitely state was shot on the 920. A good lesson – don’t ever try to pull a fast one on your customers!

Who gets the Jelly Bean?
The next instalment of Android’s OS – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is being released to devices, with Samsung announcing the devices that will be given the update.
The list is includes Galaxy Tab 2 7 and 2 10.1; Galaxy Note 10.1; Galaxy S II. Galaxy Mini II and Galaxy S Duos among others.

What does October hold?
RIM attempts to breathe new life back into the organization with the Blackberry 10 OS. AT&T will also make news again with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Galaxy Note II launch planned for October 21st. We also expect to see the iPhone 5 climb even higher the sales!


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