Goodbye Work. Hello Final Year.

One chapter ends. Another begins.

I was very sorry to see the end of the Taste of Colombo 2012 festival and thus my time at Lanka Event Management. As stressful as the last few weeks were, it was one of the greatest learning experiences I have had.

I will miss working with the team a great deal. I think what was special, was that we all became very good friends. Honestly a stellar team, makes my list of awesome people and taught me so much. We laughed endlessly, waltzed around to Sinitra to destress, lecture and tease, and we've had the most amazing conversations over coffee and ciggies. I know this isn't the end of the road for us - far from it! Indeed I feel it is just the start. But I will miss working with them on a day to day basis a great deal.

Sandun, Rashi, Ruzni and my little sis. We've spent way too much time swapping lunches, getting lost in cabs, running from perves, fighting over sponsors, sharing google docs and going mad. Nothing is as great as having a great team to be with and people you actually enjoy working with.On a side note - this was my sisters first internship and she was amazing. So proud of her! SEKARAM BLOOD YA'LL!

Now - final year. 8 months. THEN I AM FREE. Not that I dislike my degree - but I anticipate stress. 5,000 word research project, 10,000 word thesis, idiots, lectures, and more clients coming my way. And also I'm tired of leaves less time for my writing - both professional and pleasure.

On a side note - while I will keep posting poetry, random titbids, any client work that was particularly cool - also expect more random blogging on life updates. After all this is my little pink notebook - and I will scribble!


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