Ending Things.

I have another theory. I have a theory that it is very easy to begin. And the easier it is to begin - the harder it is to end. And this applies to everything - connections with people, jobs, dreams, hopes, wishes - everything.

But here is the thing. No matter how hard it is to end - you need to end it. And conclusively. Few things in the world are as frustrating and as unfair as an open ended issue. One where you are not sure where it stands, what is going on.

I prefer conclusive endings. I admire and respect people who aren't afraid to step and tell themselves or someone else when things are over. Granted it's not easy - but it's often necessary. When a dream is over - let it go. Admit it whoever or yourself and move on.

Connections with people - that's the toughest one. But it's also the most necessary. Sometimes things don't go the way you hope - that's okay! Just be honest, because you're not only being unfair to yourself, but someone else as well. Be frank. And don't ever keep someone hanging as an option for you to revisit at your convenience. That is brutally unfair, and honestly makes you a weak, selfish human being.

See endings are hard - but here is the thing. They open the door for new beginnings.


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