Colombo Green Walk 2012!

So Sandun - my temp boss and good friend has initiated the Colombo Green Walk.

To give you the spiel - CGW is an awareness building initiative on the present environmental deterioration and what measures we should take collectively as the human race in order to save our planet and ourselves in turn.

We're supported by the Environment Foundation Limited and are really excited by this! Etisalat, John Keells Holdings, 99x Technology have pledged their corporate support, and we have Sri Lankan celebs like Stephanie Siriwardhana,Umaria, Randir Witanage, Otara, Nuwan Zoysa, Jezima Ismail and so many more also supporting us.

It's pretty exciting and really cool - anyone who is interested please please come along! We have breakfast, goodies and saving the world!

The cost of registration is Rs1000 - you get breakfast, water and branded goodies.

If you want you can still walk as an unregistered participant :)


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