The Perfect Balance is a Perfect Lie

(Scribbled down after meeting a very cool person which I find always makes me wanna write. I guess obsessive compulsive need is my trigger)

This is what we are thinking everyday. People tell you that there is something called the perfect balance, or the perfect equation. People are wrong. There is only the perfect equation that is perfect for them. This idea is very subjective and cannot be applied to the masses. It's a perfect lie.

What works for you may not work for me. What works for us may not work for them, and what works for him may not work for her. So we need to stop searching so hard for this so called perfect equation and start understanding that what needs to be found is what I like to call our trigger.

This is that thing that drives us and makes us great. That thing maybe your passion for something, it may be your talent, it just may be your dedication. But what you need to do is find it and then harness it. Use it. Make it yours. And then you will realize that indeed you have found the golden touch of success.

So stop searching so hard for the perfect balance and start searching for your trigger instead. And along the way you just may find your destiny.


mm said…
I am yet to meet someone who actually believed in a perfect balance/equation outside of maths. o.O
But my social circle has, admittedly, the circumference of a wedding ring. :D
well... in my belief, I too agree that there may be no perfect balance or a perfect equation...

But if someone believes it's there, he might not be wrong and it might not be a perfect lie either!

Just to remind that there is no perfect opinion that is universal ;)
Udeesha said…
Yeh True There is no perfect balance. But Balance can be made perfect.
Navin said…
Very insightful and it makes sense...brilliant...I think you've found a start for a possible book! :)

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