Twenty One

I feel like before I venture into the realms of adulthood – I should take a moment to reflect on the years past. This is a list (yes, yes then control freak within likes lists, big surprise) – of things I’ve learned and hope to remember by the next big milestone – aka 30.

1. Don’t forget – Your best asset is your willingness is to see the best in people. Sure this leads to some crappy disappointments, but mostly it helps you remember that people are who they are, not what their past and society says they are.

2. Putting your feelings first is not the same as being self-centered. Remember that it’s a fine line you need to walk with care.

3. Trust your instincts more. In work, with people, in the world.

4. Hold on to dear life to the people who have seen you at your not so best and still support you.

5. Believe in yourself. In your smile, your dreams, your abilities

6. Distance in space, is never and never will be distance in time

7. The ones who matter will always be there

8. Never ever regret what made you happy. Ever.

9. Life is hard, but wonderful. All of it is worth it in the end.

10. You mean something to people you care about. Its why you both care.

Bring it on adulthood. I’m ready :)


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