Perfect Pockets Of Time

(A tribute to the first half of my summer, and the last days of being 20 - which were filled with some perfect pockets of time)

Your arm slips around my waist
I lean into you
For a moment I feel your breath on my cheek
And I turn my head
My lips meet yours
In a perfect pocket of time

A dim screen flickers in front of us
Laughter all around
You catch my eye
I catch yours
And we laugh in sync
In a perfect pocket of time

The sun is beating down
The heat is high
The car is traveling fast
And it smells like the sea
I lean back
And feel your fingertips brush mine
In a perfect pocket of time

I’m alone, curled up
Drifting out of sleep
I reach for my phone
And smile
At your funny words
In a perfect pocket of time

There are bumps
And roadblocks
And stops we hate to move from
But always we will have
Perfect pockets of time


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