Chasing Bubbles

[For the first time I think I'm posting up something I'm not sure I like myself. I had writing feelings for the longest time last night and they were struggling to take shape or form. This was the end result after QUITE a while, so any feedback at ALL (espc the not so good) would be loved.]

Chasing Bubbles

If it dies when it’s a bud
Does it count as a flower?
Do we mourn what it was,
Or what it could have been?

Should we chase after a breath of wind
Knowing it won’t be caught?
Do we do it anyway,
And say it was about the chase?

Perhaps its like chasing bubbles
In the sunlight as they float
Just out of reach
Close enough for hope

And get breathless
And angry
But then finally touch one
And smile

And so count them as flowers
And say it’s the chase
But get tired
And breathless

For a minute just sit on the grass
And watch everyone
Chase bubbles
And wonder

If you should join them again.


hmmm. This is deep & too good not to read on a weekday - you get disappointed when realized what you are doing right now is "all about the chase"...You are successful in writing since it hits you on the spot...Good stuff...
I like it. Like I really do.. put a smile on my face for some real inane reason. I can relate to it. I have the same thoughts in my head - when I sit back to observe things around. It's pretty how u penned it.. :) TheSantanaGirl. x
Navin said…
Refreshing perspective on life...and yes it's always about the chase....experience can sometimes be more meaningful than the accomplishment in itself...however I felt the end was too sudden! Highly anticipating your next one! :-D
ARTRA said…
genuine and universal in content matter.

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