Dear 16 Year Old Me

Right now you are agonizing over your O/Levels. Chill. Some papers are going to suck and some will be amazing. And don’t worry you will pass Math’s, but be warned about Lit. Don’t worry though you’ll make up for it at A/Levels.

Stop worrying about that guy. And don’t blush and pretend you don’t know whom I’m going on about - you know. It’s not going to happen, he’s going to think of you as a sister and you’re going to move on. And don’t worry about how shit the next year or so is going to be for your heart. It gets so much better.

Word of advice – stop letting people define who you should be and how you should feel. Trust me you’re going to let all that go in a couple of years and you will be a million times better off for it. You’ll be brighter and greater and more amazing than you ever thought possible. Also your best friend at this point? Sorry kid but that’s going to fall apart. Her life and issues are too big for you right now and it’s not your fault. Its just where things go sometimes. Also the girl you hate in Lit? That’s going to change soon and she’s going to be an amazing friend. Trust me you’ll laugh about all this soon. The other best friend though? That’ll last. He’s awesome. That will be around.

Enjoy 2009. You’ll graduate, meet some amazing people and have a magical year. Make the mistakes, laugh off the drunken nights and enjoy every moment. Trust me the next years will be amazing but this will be among the best. And your best friend now? Hold on to her. She will turn out to be the one person you can depend on no matter what. Ignore what certain people are saying – you’re making the right choice. This isn’t the 2007 friendship. Sorry but the ‘7 of you’ that’ll go away too. But it’ll be okay no drama. You’ll turn 18 and you’ll be that girl that you always wanted to be.

2010 will be hard. You’ll move countries and lose yourself a little. You’ll do things and be someone you didn’t know you were but it’s okay. You’ll figure it out. This year will end hard and tough times will test you but you’ll be okay. Also you will meet some amazing people you can never forget. And your dreams will be hard to let go off at the end of the year but it’s okay. Bigger things await. And forget him – he changes. He changes so much and it’s okay because like everything else its all for the best.

Stop trying to please everyone. You’re better off just being you. And whatever you do please don’t get that haircut. You’ll regret it. Stop being so backward – you won’t get laughed at! You’ll regret not being yourself sooner.

It’s a big year for you. You change but you love the person you become. All those dreams they’re coming closer. And just before you turn 21 you’re going to wonder how the hell it happened. Oh and in 2010 you’ll meet someone, I mentioned before and told you he changes. And he’ll change you and it’ll hurt when it’s over. But you’ll be okay and he will be too and you’ll laugh again. And throw out those white pants. Trust me you’ll understand later.

Much love
Almost 21-year-old me


Nice 'look back' at things. Everyone goes thru this times. Good thing abt you is that you are actually happy about whatever me.only few of us are...
Unknown said…
I love where you're heading...I wrote something similar when I was your age... :) More than what has been written...the important part is that you got to a point of writing it down...and I hope you do not underestimate the gravity of such a soul searching experience!!! :) All the best for your future literary works.


Navin. Xx :)

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