The Answer

She leans down slowly,
Ever so slowly,
Till you can feel her breath
Tickle your ear

Her hair swings forward,
Brushes her shoulder,
Swings back and forth
And you suppress the urge to touch it

Take a deep breath,
Allow her scent to fill you
Lavender, Peppermint
And a touch of Chanel No. 5

Her head turns,
Just for a second
And her eyes, those clear endless eyes
Meet yours,
You can almost read her

And then she smiles,
Like sunlight breaking through darkness,
Each ray reaching out
And warming you

And the she whispers
The one word that makes you ache
With happiness

The light breaks through the window
And hits her finger,
The frenzy of color from the diamond
Is thrown against the wall
Almost as lovely as her,



Rawr Says Hey said…
You have the most wonderful way of writing, I was able to put together a motion picture from your words and it was great :)
Sharanya :) xx said…
Thank you! Glad you liked it :D

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