The Black Hole

It sucks you into its swirling mass,
Deeper, and
Further, and

Just black,
Nothing more.

No one to hold you,
Or pull you out,
Or care.
No one.

The momentary struggle,
The gasping for air,
And then
You give up,
No will to fight.

Huddle into a ball,
And even tighter,
And hope it hurts less.

But it never does.
So you sink.
Into the black hole.

(Not been feeling myself lately and things have been difficult at best. So I indulged myself and went a little emo. We all have those moments where we feel like we're being sucked into a black hole)


gavindabolonghe said…
and i hope u feel better now!
somebody always cares!!!
Sharanya :) xx said…
Things are better :)
At least this made for some inspiration :)

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