The University Chronicles I

I type these words seated in the open light of the Manning Bar food court and enjoy some sunshine after class before meeting a friend to purchase some textbooks.

Everyone tells you that university is an experience unlike any other and they are seriously not kidding. I have spent a month now as an Undergraduate Arts student at the University of Sydney and that I feel is certainly enough time for me to get a feel of what the next few years of my life will be like.

Wednesdays is my dreaded day. Dreaded because I face a day that starts with a 9am tutorial (which as any uni student will tell you means a sleepless night prior either catching up on your readings or finishing an assignment), and it carries on with classes spread all over campus till 4pm. And top of all that I have 2 hours of a history lecture to sit through and 2 hours of political economy. Yay.

The university’s campus is breathtaking but it is ridiculously huge. And to add to the misery built on a hill. It's like it was designed to torture me. And all my tutorials and lectures (except for World Politics and American History) are in different places so this means a hell of a lot of walking. But my saviour is the strawberry and chocolate crepe at Mannings. Trust me it does wonders for a bad day!

Contrary to what I’ve seen in the rest of Sydney, Usyd actually has heaps of white students. The only downturn to this is the fact that there are just as many Asians to make up for it. Seriously those people are everywhere! But significantly fewer Curries.

My classes are interesting for the most part. Each one of my lecturers have their own quirk that makes them individuals. Let me tell you the cuteness wears off fast though.

World Politics lecturer: is Iranian. So not only are his lectures long and hideously boring, he speaks in an accent which means I don’t understand a thing of what he is saying. Plus he rambles. Once he spent 15 mins talking about Chemistry. I’m sorry what?

American History: is awesome cept its amazing the amount of information he manages to cram into the 50mins. My speed typing skills are getting better and better. But he is so endearing when he makes a joke and then looks around hopefully to see if people got it. Makes you want to put him in a box and keep him safe from the world.

Academic writing: She is mad. Like the eccentric-writer-crazy. She talks about complicated things that have no relevance to the subject. But she has an awesome side that comes out when she disses Anne Hathaway’s performance in “Becoming Jane”, or gives us a minute to “reflect on the beauty of Keanu Reeve’s body”. Well at-least she did in the one lecture I went for.

Political Economy: he is awesome! Imagine a 70+ year old who is so proper and yet so cool. Favorite moments include when he solemnly informed us that the ‘putting-out’ system had, “no relation to the granting of sexual favors” or the time he said "If your sex life is rotten, get some new bedroom acessories" There is a reason for the Frank Stilewell Appreciation Society on facebook!

More to come on uni life. ☺ Now, excuse me, I have 500 words to write on the American involvement in World War II, which is due tomorrow.


Anmol said…
Hi Sharanya,

Came to your blog after a long time...It's nice to read about your new University life...but missing your amazing stories!

All the best.

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