Love Me.

Hold me, to keep me from falling apart.
Kiss me gently, to help me forget the hurt.
Look deep into my eyes, and smile.

I want to be the reason for the sparkle in your eyes.
I want to be the reason you smile each day.
I want to be the one that you think about.

“I am the words
You are the tune,
Play me”

When your fingers fold around mine,
Or my body fits into yours,
Or our smiles match,
It feels right.

To everyone it’s just another boy,
And just another girl,
No-one special,
Nothing new.

But when the sun shines on me,
And the flowers bloom,
And the stranger smiles,
It all feels new again.

So don’t be afraid,
Of what could be,
Or what is to come,
Or what someone might do,

Just love me.


Anonymous said…
Fine words! I wonder where you stole it from
Shermal said…
Hey I Didn't know you plagiarize in your blog. Not Cool.
Sharanya :) xx said…
Er I dont...
This is an original.

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