Hello Sydney!

It’s been ages since I posted up an update!

My life has done a total 180 and now as the information tab on my Facebook page will tell you I am in glorious Sydney.

While life in the most happening city Down-Under is wonderful and I do recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone looking for new ground to settle in there are a few things you should take into consideration first.

This is a list of general observations that I have noticed about Sydney. Enjoy mates! :D

• “How you going?” Translates into “What’s up?” Just a warning. It does not in any way mean that they care about your mode of transportation. And when you hear someone say, “Ta”, it’s not a noise. There are saying “Thanks”. Trust me these nuggets of knowledge will save you several awkward moments.

• The party starts early. Unlike us laid-back islanders who only bother to even leave home for pre-drinking sessions at 10pm, Aussies are already drunk and partying it down by then. And yes on weekends it goes on ALL NIGHT. Stamina and a high alcohol tolerance is required.

• If you meet a pure white Australian, i.e. a person for whom BOTH parents are actually white and born in Australia with parents hailing similarly give yourself a pat on the back and take a moment. This is actually quite unusual in the southern part of the state and is almost a phenomenon unless you go north or to the city. Immigrants have taken over.

• People aren’t very good at directions so get used to Google-Mapping it all. They expect you to have one of these if you are going somewhere unfamiliar. Actually get more familiar with doing everything online. Pen and paper are somewhat redundant here.

This is a new adventure and despite anything that makes you miss home there is an immigrant community that has solved this issue for you. Like when I get lonely I take off to the Flemington Srilankan Spice shop and hang there for a while. The smell reminds me of the pola’s (markets) at home.

But it is fabulous. The food is amazing thanks to the gazillion immigrant communities and the life is great. Public transport is pretty regulated and the people are friendly. Yes you will miss home, but there is so much to DO and experience that there isn’t time =)

Hello Sydney!


reeve said…
Wait a while love - Public transport will soon become a bitch!
Sharanya :) xx said…
I think it already on the way there.
I hate the bus system!

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