For those nights

This is my last piece of writing for 2009. So I'm dedicating it to those nights.

You know the nights I'm talking about. This is for those times when you're standing in a club, music pounding through your ears, the alcohol making your head spin and moving in ways you never thought possible.

For the nights you spent talking about for a week, and then when they actually come...discovering that the word 'partying' just took on a whole new meaning.

For the nights when you are pasted up against someone, your body moving to the beat, your throat horse from screaming and feeling like the sky is low compared to how high you feel.

We all know the drill now. The Thursday night conversation about the happening place for that Friday night. The pre-10 o'clock calls of "dude where the FUCK are you, come to White men!". The blasting music at White and then when the second shot becomes the third, and the third becomes the fifth, until you are staggering around helplessly :P. The torture that the sober ones are put through, with us alcoholics hanging on them like dead weight. The screaming and hugging when you see someone you recognize. The crazy pictures taken that we look at on Facebook the next morning going "What?! Why do I not remember this!?".

Then the screaming drive to the club of the night. Then the pounding music, the rush of liquor and then you party like you have never done before.

The bitches of hangovers the next morning, where your hair smells like smoke, your head is pounding, your throat is drier than the Sahara desert and everyone is calling and texting you with "What on earth were you doing last night?!" and you're wondering what on earth they are talking about. The recollection of the night with your friends, and the drunk stories that will be told over and over again :)

But no matter how many times we do it...We still love those nights.

And this is not just for the nights. This is for the people who made those nights. Because it would never have been the same or any good without them.

Lets party this 31st and hail in 2010 in the style that it deserves. And hope the coming nights are half as good.

Coz that's still pretty damn good :)


gavindabolonghe said…
i like very much!!!
im missing some friends and "those nights" and this gave me chills!