The End

It's Graduation Day. After spending your entire lives in school you finally walk up, smile for that picture and leave. and its over.

You make plans for the summer. You party and cry and laugh. and the watch as the little parts that you can hold on to come to an end. And the the ends looms. But how dyou know when its the end?

Is the end when you say goodbye to those friends you really cant live without? Is the end when you party for the last time before you go? Or is the end when you step off that plane in to new place, a new world that has no idea who you are and what you want?

And that's jut one phase in your life. the Scenario could be your fist job. Uni or anything.

And what happens when one day you realize its actually over. Done and finished. How dyou know if you are ready to face what comes next?

And what comes next? New friends? Dreams?

Then things start make mistakes and you meet people. Your dreams and priorities change. You discover parts of you that you never knoew existed and discover things you never knew about. And you smile. You look to the future both scared and hopeful. Both worried and excited and both ready and afraid.

But sometimes all it takes is something small to remind you. Glancing through a yearbook. An old picture or a sudden phone call. or maybe even a strangers smile. And you remember the times past and the things you learned.

So go ahead. Break all those barriers. and cross those lines. Coz when it comes to the end you'll wish you had.



Bawa said…
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Bawa said…
there is no end as such.. just a lot of new beginnings: when i left school i thought that it wuld be the end of my association with my alma mater... but it turned out i got involved in a different way ( doing drama nd debate workshops etc.) and i still meet my old school friends.

Then i started my first job: a new beginning... but it didn't necessarily end anything.. then i left my job and started uni.. which didnt end my association with my office either.. still meet the guys for a drink occasionally.

Someday i'll pass out of uni and become a doctor... but i don't think it'll hinder my friendship with people i have met there.. Life is like a trifle... the layers keep building up but they are never lost... and the more layers u have ( as u get older) higher the chances of developing diabetes :p
Sharanya :) xx said…

I guess. Its funny isn't it when you look back and what you thought was the end of the world then was just a small stumble? :)

Thanks for the comments :)
James Milinda said…
whoa sharanyaaa...
this is really amazing
proud of you bitch!

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