No more Happily Ever After

One of my closest friends once remarked “Don’t ever believe in fairytales….create your own”.

The sentiment and the truth behind it is amazing. All our lives we spend searching for the prince with the glass slipper that fits, or hoping that the next kiss we receive will choke up the piece of poison apple that we have swallowed.

Fairytales is what helps us believe, and keep believing, and keep dreaming. We hold on to these myths and legends and stories hoping that someday we will be that perfect princess who will ride off into the sunset with her Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

But you know what? Our lives aren’t happening “once upon a time” like fairytales they are happening right now. In fairytales the prince will come and save you, in real life it is not so certain. I wish this knowledge would help us to stop believe and stop dreaming, but somehow it seems as though we can never do so. As we get older the fairytales evolve to greater heights where we dream of that perfect person who will whisk us away in their arms where we will never have to know heartbreak and pain ever again.


As cynical as this sounds it’s about time the world woke up. The fairytales we heard as children are stories. We need to stop waiting for our story to come along and start creating our own stories. We need to learn from our pain and understand that the pain is what helps us to keep going. We keep searching for the “one” because we know how amazing it is going to feel when we can finally not feel any more pain. As the saying goes “Why do I keep hitting myself on the head with the hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop”

So embrace the pain. It is what will help you too keep searching, to keep hoping and to keep dreaming. Dream your own dreams, not somebody else’s, find your own shoe and search for YOUR prince charming not Cinderella’s.

This goes for guys too. Stop hoping that if you are like Prince Eric she will love you forever and ever. He is Ariel’s prince and the girl who will be yours doesn’t want him. She wants you.

And while you wait hold on to what Meredith Grey once said, “Sometimes it is not so important that it is happily ever after, just that it is happy right now”
And who knows? Someday it could be “happy right now” forever.


Tavish said…
ah finally some sincerity again :)
(where is the like button?)
Sharanya :) xx said…
haha i know i miss it too :)

Now that i have free time on my hands i'll update more often!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said…
For once, some realisation from a girl's part.

Should fairytales be gotten rid off forever?

But you can make you own happily ever after or ever like Grey - Make your happiness now.

*smiles at the thought atleast some woman are waking up*
Sharanya :) xx said…
*Smiles at the thought that some people agree*

thanks for the feedback :)

would appreciate the addition to your blogroll :)