of cricket matches and fun...

Yeah so I know I know I haven’t updated the blog in while pretty much coz my life has been fairly crazy for a while now with one thing or another coming up!

OH! I went for my very first cricket match on Tuesday! Yes and I had a brilliant time. Well it was quite an experience I must say, in more ways than one. Well so I pulled out my team t-shirt which I haven’t worn since the world cup last year and set off for the Premadasa Stadium. And for those who know me yes I was so excited than I was acting like an electrocuted cat the whole way there. Sorry Viran I know having me in the car and trying to find your way to the stadium at the same time was quite a task. Well anyway we got there without much of an incident and then the task of getting in EW EW EW EW!!! There were like a billion people mashed up against us and it was SO gross AND the fact that i have NEVER been groped so much ever! sick! Yes I am well aware I sound like a spoilt brat but still! *shudder*.

Yep so after we finally got in and the match started wow! The atmosphere was amazing! There were people all over and you could almost taste the excitement in the air. Yeah and we did lose but the match was so close that it got all the more exciting towards the end. I had a blast with my friends…we were screaming and jumping and I seriously hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. It was fabulous. I now have the Sri Lankan flag I bought there hung in my room. Yeah it was brilliant although I was really upset that Sanga didn’t play, but then Dhoni more than made up for that. *sigh* oh yeah I also had to go scream “GO DHONI” at the top of m lungs earning me a few glares from the Sri Lankan supporters near us. Oops :)

Well I must update this more often. I actually wanted to leave a rant about Valentine’s Day but decide not too. So if you are celebrating it whether it’s with your friends or significant other have fun. I’m just going to chill and send texts to my friends, the people I really do love through thick and thin. See y’all in the next post which won’t be so delayed. Ciao!


DHONI in maldivian (dhivehi) means BOAT
Sharanya said…
you're kidding..well he cant take me for a ride...anytime! :)

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