25 things most people dont know about me

1. I HATE orchids. i know they are exotic and expensive and all that shot but fir some reason they seriously freak me out!

2. I love 'Hannah Montana'...yes the lame disney show!

3. I find jealousy in a guy rather sweet. the kind where if you talk to someone else for too long he comes over to hold your hand or something just to make a point.

4. i have this dream of saving a life someday.

5. I never ever wore braces. nor will i ever need to. my dead-straight pearly whites are 100% natural!

6. My biggest fear is losing my friends...this also kinda corresponds to number 12.

7. I never say I love you unless i really mean it. to my friends, boyfriend watever

8. I fully believe in destiny and karma.

9. Cats creep me out....big time!

10. in my book...it is possible to be too perfect

11. I text people just bcoz....all the time...its my way of saying i love you.

12. I'm a very insecure person. I constantly worry that im not pretty/smart/funny enough, that no-one cares about me and that no-one really wants me around and i'm just a tag-along. It's stupid but i do it.

13. The minute i turn 18 i'm getting my nose pierced

14. I eat french-fries and ice-cream...together.

15. The nickname "cupcake" freaks me out

16. Another of my dreams is to direct and earth-moving life-changing documentary.

17. I'm a city girl. Suburbia bores me...cities thrill me!

18. I believe in soul mates. there is one perfect person out there for everyone. you just gotta have faith.

19. I want to get married by the ocean...at sunset.

20. Marriage scares me....being married that it.

21. I can never forgive a cheater.

22. I always wish i was born in the '50's or '60's

23. I take time to love and more to recover

24. I'm deathly afraid of death by suffocation

25. This took less time than I thought it would. there's a lot that people don't know about me.


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