Written on a monday morning

So again I felt that the blog was sorely in need of updating and wrote this. Please don't get to the end of this post and then leave a comment telling me how random I am. I am very aware of that thank you very much....there was a reason after all that I named this blog "RANDOM musing i share".

So good morning world! althugh it is anything BUT a good morning at this point. Before i stat my whinging let me just quote another blogger I admire: "I'm usually a ray of sunshine...really" :). Ok now on to why this moring sucks. To begin with its monday. I hate Monday's and what makes this Monday worse is that thanks to SAARC i haven't been at work since Thursday....and to get back to waking up in the *gasp* morning and WORKING after four days of sheer, lazy, bliss....well that sucks.

Secondly i miss my friends. No...i really do though why can't imagine!! :P I havent seen them in quite a while now...and this sudden reason for missing them i belive also stems from the fact that im facing my last year of school, leaving me less time with them and even less time with some others who head off to uni before I even graduate. Excuse me I think I need a tissue now.

Thirdly I have two jobs now, a MUN program next week, A/L classes are starting and plus the dreaded RESULTS anytime this and next week. I think the stress is seriously begining to get to me BIG TIME. I feel life there's a laundromat in my tummy and my head is spining constantly. In fact I welcome work all the more because it gets my mind off all this. Well except work of course. Seriously why me?

Wow it felt good to get all that off my chest. I also remeber again why I love writting so much, it really helps me put things back into perspective and help me chill!! Which I needed to rather badly today. For most of the morning the rainbow that has been floating around for a few weeks was obscured by theses damn gray clouds. But the clouds are slowly parting and I think I see glimpses of the colours again. yay! :) I think I'll be ok by the end of lunch :)
I warned y'all...I AM random! Thanx for reading....CAIO!


Tavish said…
Hey dont worry i'm sure you'll get over all this soon! hehe! oh by the way whose eye is that next to you in your profile photo? ;)
Sharanya said…
oh yeah the second i finished my lunchtime brownie i bounced back and the rainbow came back! :) Im gonna ignore the rest of your comment. xoxo
Anonymous said…
As Random As A Loaded Die -_-

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