The heat and sunshine.
The “school’s-out” cries,
The waves that fall in perfect rhythm
Summer is just beginning.

The hastily planned events,
The “let-‘s get together tomorrow” facebook messages and texts,
The romances that bloom and flower,
Summer is in full flow.

The long afternoon’s with re-run’s of forgotten shows,
The “nah we’ve already done that” reply’s to suggestions,
The crossing off of dates on the calendar.
The new book’s with their new-book smell.
Summer‘s dragging on.

The “I wish we had hung out more” regrets
Disappointments that we didn’t do everything we wanted to
Coz we couldn’t be bothered
The I-cant-believe-its-our-last-year realizations
Summers over.


yo! um...those were lyrics to a song and u prob thought i wrote it and u said 'me love!' haha.

yeah i know, i have good taste in music, esp with ones tht have good lyrics, dont flatter me now ;)

oh and thnks for adding me to ur blogroll =)
Da Boss said…
hmm....yes a flash of truth..with a mixture of the emotion which is quite apparent to the reader, who if from the same background would understand the deep rooted meaning embedded within...

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